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What is Article Spinning?

Spinning is one art "word play", simply create multiple articles from one original article by changing the words and phrases in a sentence but does not change the meaning of the content.

Example: Many officers like playing tennis after work, this sentence can be spun like: A lot of employees love playing tennis after break.

According to the algorithm reads contents of the search engine, the above two sentences are completely independent of the content, can be considered a Unique content. Currently there are many Internet Marketer has used Article Spinning tactics to save time and achieve targeted SEO content.

Spin in marketing has 2 main levels:

Basic Level: Wordplay, or change the words in the sentence, but the meaning is not changed (without changing context)

Level Pro: Completely change the sentence, including context. Example: The original: VISA Prepaid Card is not popular in India => Spin: VISA Prepaid Card market has not really grown in India.


The above short introduction to assert that Spinning is not heresy or black hat in online marketing activities, Spinning biggest mission is SEO and enriched content.

Article spinning is the SEO tool, it is indispensable for SEOer & Affiliate Marketing, particularly useful to SEO for Long tail keyword (advantages of Article Spinning).

Why is Spinning good for SEO?

1. Diversity tags

For example: An original article only the word "Football", the only SEO is keyword "Football", through the Spin article can be varied keywords, adding words such as soccer, ... The more keywords, the more diverse opportunities into Top 10 Google.

The general trend in the industry SEO is diverse, ranging from source backlinks, content and anchor text, therefore, need to advocate natural SEO, avoid SEO focused keywords as time ago.

2. Avoid duplicate content (duplicated content)

If there is only one article and you posted it on many forums then to sure website will be relegated because the content is used repeatedly (considered as spam). By way Spinning, though content do not Unique 100% but also enough to search engines "understand" that no duplicate content, not must spam.

Practical examples of Article Spinning

Original passage:

"Keywords are the most important aspect of SEO , so think about them before you even start to write. It can be hard slotting keywords in afterwards without sounding clunky and forced."

After submit above passage to Article Spinning Tool we receive result:

"Keywords are {the major|the main|the key|the most important|the foremost|the primary} {thing about|aspect of|benefit of} SEO , so {take into consideration|consider|take into account|think about|remember to consider|factor in} them {and soon you|before you} even {beginning to|starting to|start to|starting out|beginning|commencing to} write. {it {can sometimes be|can often be|can be|is often|can occasionally be|are often} difficult|it {can sometimes be|can often be|can be|is often|can occasionally be|are often} hard|it's not easy|it's a challenge} slotting {key words|key phrases|keywords|key term|keywords and phrases|keyword phrases} in {afterwards|later on|soon after|after|subsequently|later} {without paying|without {possessing|having|holding|owning|proudly owning|obtaining} to pay|without|without having} {category of|group of|class of|sounding|family of|type of} clunky and forced".

Therefore you see, the word in the sentence is replaced by the words and phrases synonym.

"Keywords are {the major|the main|the key|the most important|the foremost|the primary} {thing about|aspect of|benefit of} SEO."

With the above sentence, if rewrite, will we have how many other sentences?

{the major|the main|the key|the most important|the foremost|the primary} have 6 tags.

{thing about|aspect of|benefit of} have 3 tags.

Multiplying the tags together: 6 * 3 = 18 other sentences!!!

What is Spin Content quality?

Spin Content quality is must make the sentences have meaningful and easy to read, absolutely do not use meaningless words. Analysis of Spin tags we see these synonyms have closely related, for example: Improve | Enhance | Increase | boost, In English, these words have meaning as same.

If you want to spin manually, you should have rich vocabulary and know the synonym structure transformation.

Note: After spin content you should browse through synonyms to ensure that these words are related with content.

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